High Intensity

Each class will contain at least four components. A warm-up, a skill or strength element, a Workout Of the Day (WOD), and a warm-down.

The WODs are performed at HIGH INTENSITY, as per CrossFit prescription. This means that you will either be prescribed:

a. A specific amount work to complete, using specific movements, as quickly as possible, or

b. An amount of time to perform as much work, using specific movements, as possible.

The time component effectively creates the ‘Intensity’ of the WOD, which is important to elicit the desired adaptation on the body. i.e. improve. Whilst every participant generally performs the same WOD, the amount of work each individual actually performs may be scaled according to capability. It’s important to stay safe!

You will therefore learn to quickly create a strategy for performing WODs. Pace is important, but the strategy should involve appropriately scaling the weights, distances, and number of reps used in the WODs.