WOD Results and tracking

Programming is now published to Beyond the Whiteboard. The old blog posts will remain available at the bottom of this page. Please visit the BTWB website for more information.

Legacy WOD Results and tracking – old blog posts

You can keep track of your personal results using a third party SmartPhone APP called MyWOD. In addition to  recording your results, MyWOD will allow you to track and graph progress, record PRs and much more.

You will need to link the MyWOD iOS and Android App to the CrossFit Oswestry Blog/WOD RSS feed.



MyWOD can be downloaded from:

The iTunes Store

The Google Play Store

The WOD feed URL is:


Linking the RSS blog feed will allow you to import our WODs into your MyWOD app and record your results.



A. 30 Strict Pull-ups. If less than 4 sets, add load B. Every 3 mins, for 9 mins: 5 pull-ups, 10 burpees, 15 sit-ups, 20 air squats C. C&J ladder every 90secs (10 rounds): 20 DU + 1 C&J + 5/2.5kg each round. max reps on final round


A. Bench Press 5@60% and 70%, then AMRAP at 80% and 60% B. 9 min EMOM: 16/10 Kcal Row, 8 GHDS, 16KBS C. 3 RFT: 20 t2bar, 6 snatch. 60/40 kg


A. 2 rounds: 30 DU 10 air squats 10 KB SDHP 6 TGU B. any missing strength, or 5×5 Bamboo Press C. Barbel GTOH cycling test: 5 Min EMOM At 50% of max C&J: GTOH x 2,4,6,8,10. 2 mins rest 3 mins EMOM at reps that took less than 30s in part 1 D. 11 minute AMRAP:…


A. 2 rounds: 1 run, 10 toe touches, 10 KB DL, 10 KB pull-overs B. Deadlift 5 at 75%, 3 at 85%, AMRAP at 95% C. 9 min EMOM: Min 1: 7 STOH unbroken, Min 2: 7 GHD sit-ups, Min 3: 7 bar facing burpees D. Staggered stats: 50 cal rower 40 wall balls 30 shoulder to overhead @50kg…